It’s always hard to move a piano. This is particularly true if it is a grand piano. Even if it is a small one, owners face a lot of issues during a move. There are a lot of difficulties to overcome. Every obstacle presents a threat that can damage the piano.

During a move, pianos are susceptible to damage. They are heavy and large. Because of this, moving professionals take the time to prepare the piano when moving it.

Since grand pianos can weigh around 500 to 1000 pounds, it’s a lot better to lower the weight as much as possible. Moving individual components is a lot easier compared to moving the entire piano.

If you’re planning to hire piano movers MPLS for help, here are several tips you can follow:


  • Remove the Legs

On a lot of occasions, it makes sense to get rid of the legs. This is particularly true if there are turns in the steps or you’ve got narrow doors. A professional piano mover will know if it’s necessary to get rid of the legs.

  • Disassemble the Pedals and Lyre

The lyre is a part of the piano that links to the main body. It’s quite easy to disassemble it. However, you still have to be careful to avoid possible damage.

  • Get Rid of the Lid

On almost every occasion, it is a wise move to get rid of the lid of your grand piano before you move it. Keep in mind that the lid is heavy. It can cause damage to any surface.

Moving the Piano Safely

  • Plan the Route

Make sure you’ve got a plan on how to handle obstacles. Once you’re moving the piano, you don’t want to stop and deal with unexpected problems. If necessary, moving professionals will get rid of the doors. They’ll also move all items that will be in the way during the process. You’ve got to ensure everybody involved knows where and how to move the piano.

  • Prepare the Stairs

Professionals might have to prepare the stairs of the move. This depends on the situation. This might mean creating a ramp to make the process easy. It’s hard to move a grand piano from one riser to another.

  • Secure the Piano

You’ve got to ensure you secure the piano to a dolly. The size and type of dolly will vary on the weight and size of your grand piano. Always keep in mind that your goal is to finish the move without causing any damage to the piano. This means that the moving professionals will utilize a high-quality dolly for the piano.

  • Understand the Process

In general, you will need at least 2-3 individuals to move a grand piano downstairs or upstairs. Every single person should know their part of the job. Because of this, hiring a professional is the best option. The reason for this is that they know how to move a piano without damaging it. Every member of the team is trained to properly move a piano.